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Peruvian Handmade Jewelry
Peruvian handmade custom Sterling silver jewelry
Peruvian handmade custom gold jewelry
Peruvian Silver
Peruvian Handmade Custom High Purity Gold Jewelry
Peru has an ancient tradition of gold jewelry and reached its highest level during the Inca Culture, it has more than a 1000 years of history.

Silver & Gold Peru has many wholesale handmade gold jewelry, made from 18k, 22k and 24k Gold. Finest Gold Jewels for retailers to sell to their customers.

Silver & Gold Peru based in Lima - Peru prides itself on stocking handmade designer jewelry by experienced and talented Peruvian designers.

We aim to stock the best of design on high quality silver and high quality gold; we take the time to seek out hard-to-find or up-and-coming jewelers from everywhere in Peru. Our designers use finest silver, high quality gold for our products. We also use crystal czech glass and semi-precious stones.

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Unique and Beautiful Peruvian Gold and Silver Jewelry formed and assembled by hand (rather than through the use of machines).
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